uhm, guys… hold up…courtesy of the ASoIaF interactive map 

simscommunityproject ~Has anyone ever realized this?(or am I just late to the party?)

uhm, guys… hold up…
courtesy of the ASoIaF interactive map 

simscommunityproject ~
Has anyone ever realized this?
(or am I just late to the party?)

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woops I opened my game even though I said the other day I’d probably not post for a while.

woops I opened my game even though I said the other day I’d probably not post for a while.

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Eeek, I’m really sorry for all the super late replies to messages and WCIFs, I’ve really not had a lot of time for internet stuff lately, real life just sort of exploded first with a family crisis, followed by some medical problems (baby-making related, everyone’s ok), and we bought a house (wtf, so grown up), banks and loans and realtors and signing things, crazy stuff, then we got a new kitten and I got a new job and my external hard drive stopped working and now we’re moving in a little over a month and the apartment people are really sucking at whatever it is that they do when new people rent an apartment and we’re being spammed by people wanting to come look at it even though we don’t care who or if someone rents it next and aaahhhhhh *deep breath* Real life, such a stressful business. BUT ANYWAY, yeah… in an attempt to keep this short since I know some people lose their shit over text posts (here I go again sounding harsher than I mean to, haha I <3 all of you really!), the point is that I don’t have a lot of time for my game at the moment, or Tumblr in general really, but hopefully things will calm down some after we move in the middle of May… or maybe in June… or something. Or maybe I’ll have time to play before that, and post some pictures like a good simblr rather than a poo one that just spams you with long text posts and question posts. :3

TLDR: real life happened, sorry for being so shit at Simblr-ing, bbl (or soon)~

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Anonymous said:
I would like to thank you. I found the sims 2 torrent after 20+ pages in your questions tag. Tested it yesterday and it works. Your resources,downloads,and WCIFS are a lifesaver too. :D

Shhhh, there’s nothing illegal going on here, nope nope nope! :p


(as a side note, I’m impressed that same torrent is still up though, if I remember correctly that answer was from aaaaages ago, and TPB tends to have torrents go up and down over time. Oh well~)

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Anonymous said:
(Same Anon from the previous message about joining Tumblr) Sorry that I didn't add this on to my other ask but I really love how helpful you are and how well your blog is constructed. You are a real asset to the Sims community, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ❤

(for the curious, since I have to publish this to respond, the previous message from this lovely person said…: "I might actually join tumblr just so I don’t have to check your main page everyday. :)")

Hah, joining Tumblr is always a good idea, but now I feel bad that I haven’t updated in a million years (at least it’s a million years in internet-blog-time),  and you’ve been checking every day and there’s nothing to see. :( Definitely worth joining and following though maybe, then you can fill your dashboard with lots of awesome simmers and you won’t have to check every day and I’ll eventually post something!
Also, hnnnnng, here I am sucking at receiving compliments again, but thank youuu <3 I’m glad you find my obsessive organizing helpful, it’s good to know that it was time well spent, at least. ^_^


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Anonymous said:
hi vimpse! i was wondering if you could post the floorplans for the Seaside Aquarium? I love, love your style so much! You're an amazing decorator! Hope you're having a lovely day ^^

I… could, I suppose - but there are two things semi-standing in my way:

1) I have no idea when I’ll next open my game to play, might be this weekend, might be two weeks from now… so you might be waiting a while :(

2) If I recall correctly (and I’m pretty sure I do), the reason I didn’t post a floorplan screenshot of the aquarium is because there’s… not really anything there! There’s just that aquarium area you can see in the pictures, a teeeeeny-tiny lobby with a …sofa and a desk, I think - and then the restaurant on top of the building, so… eh, not really worth floorplans, wouldn’t you say? :>

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments though <3!

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Anonymous said:
Hi Vimpse! I have a question regarding heirs - what do you do with the non-heirs? Do they stay in their parents' house, or do they move out and get to start their own family? Doesn't this mean that you'll have a gigantic number of houses to play? I'm trying to work out the niggles in my BaCC, luckily all the gen 2s are still kiddies!

I feel like I’ve answered something like this before, but it was a while ago and I can’t be bothered looking for it since I don’t think it was through a question and it won’t be in the tag, so I guess I’ll just answer it again! :)

I play all the “non-heirs” (or rather, all the offspring of a family) separately and by rotation as they grow up. I like playing my neighborhoods like a legacy sort of, in the sense that there is one “heir” per family - the youngest male child, or if that’s not possible because of too large of an age gap; the second youngest… or if there’s no young male, it’ll be the youngest female. That way, they’ll be the last one through university and the last child in the household, so when they finish uni they move back in with their parents and ‘take over’ their house (and thereby also wealth etc). In a different way though, they’re not really the heir other than with the house etc, since the siblings of the “heir” gets money from their parents as they move out, split more or less evenly among however many siblings there are. :) Usually by the time the youngest child grows up and moves back in with it’s parents, the grown siblings already have several children - and in some cases might even be approaching having adult children of their own, and those will again be the “heir” to that sim’s house and wealth etc. Does that make sense? :)

You’re right though, it does mean that I’ll end up with a gigantic number of houses to play, haha. Most of my sim families have 2-4 children, with the odd massive household with up to 7-8(!) children (like the Evergreens of Apple Springs, RIP my darlings :<), but that’s why I wanted to start Westport in a more controlled way - with only three founders to start with, and then slowly build it up so that there will be a defining age gap between the generations of children in the ‘hood. In the long run it obviously won’t help, when I stopped playing Apple Springs it had 18 separate households + students in rotation, and it took me 4-6 months to finish ONE round in the neighborhood - even when I played like 5-6 times a week for a couple of hours a piece, haha. So yeah, neighborhood bloat can be an obstacle, but I like it like that - my favorite thing about Apple Springs was being able to ban townies from community lots when my sims visited them, and the lots would be filled with other playables - brothers, sisters, uncles, nieces, cousins, in-laws etc etc etc, it’s so much fun. :>

Hopefully that helps / answered what you were wondering, I tend to just type and type and type when I first start, lol.

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Anonymous said:
WCIF the stairs in maya's house? And whilst I'm asking, any recommendations of where to find nice stairs?


I’m assuming you mean the stairs in Mika’s house, since I don’t have a sim called Maya. :3

These stairs came with the Apartment Life EP.
The white recolor is by Anna and can be found here.

I only ever use stairs that came with base game / the EPs for TS2, so I don’t really have any recommendations, sorry. :( I’ve never really warmed up to any CC staircases, even though I have a fair few…  :/

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prinzessinlile said:
As I could see you didnt answered this question: Do you have an Ideal Plantsim replacement? I never find one I liked und your little Sun is lovely and so I thought you might could help me out. By the way I love Grace and her family and mostly everyone in Westport <3

I do! Funnily enough though, I never used to since I’ve never really played with plantsims, but since I was adding Grace to Westport I felt like I needed to get one. :) Honestly though, I just sort of picked the first one that looked decent, I wasn’t very critical, but I like how Sun turned out too, so it’s pretty awesome, I guess!
The ideal plantsim replacement I use is by HatPlaysSims and can be found here. :)

Grace (and her family) gets a lot of compliments, thank you <3 I really like them too, way more fun than I initially thought a plantsim family would be. :>

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Anonymous said:
Hi! can you give me the default of the plantsim's skin? (sorry for my english) thank you :P

It’s listed on my resource page along with the rest of my skins, so you should’ve checked there first - but anyway; the plantsim default skin is by Lilith and can be found here.

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